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  • iMac Available, Says President of Apple Japan
  • September 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nikkei MAC interviewed Eikou Harada, president of Apple Japan Inc., about the short supply of iMacs that was reported soon after they arrived in shops.
    Harada said that iMac machines are available in shops now and said the media hype is in part making people think iMac is in scarce supply.

    Nikkei MAC: There are reports that there are almost no iMacs available at this moment. What is the situation?

    Harada: That is not true. Our direct delivery system to retailers has been working properly. Anyone who wants to buy an iMac can do so in a week at latest. I believe that some of the media reports are misleading people that the iMac isn't in shops at all.

    Nikkei MAC: Some shops say that it takes two weeks or more before iMacs are delivered. Is this true?

    Harada: Apple Japan tells retailers that iMac can be delivered in one week. Certain media reports about no stock at producers are raising fears among retailers so that they estimate too long a time needed to deliver an iMac to a user.

    Nikkei MAC: If supply is plentiful, retailers would explain that correctly, wouldn't they?

    Harada: Apple gives retailers the exact number of units sold to users. This system is functioning well. But, users who are worried because of the reports that iMacs are in short supply typically book through more than one retailer.

    Therefore, there are shops with stocks that have been reserved, but unsure if they can sell them out.

    What if there are supplies sitting at shops that are supposed to go to people who want them? This may be why some users are forced to wait.

    Nikkei MAC: So, are there problems in the supply system of iMacs?

    Harada: No, there are not. But it seems the system tumbled a little bit right at the start. When everyone gets calm, it will be fine. Those who want an iMac should be able to have one. The product can be delivered in two days, but it seems to take two days or more for communications. It takes quite a long time before the message from Apple reaches customers through retailers.

    Nikkei MAC: Some retailers forecast that shipments of iMacs will increase when USB-compliant printers are shipped. Do you think this will happen?

    Harada: We do not need a boom. The iMac will sell constantly on its own.

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