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  • IBM VP Says Semiconductor Progress will Decelerate in 2001
  • September 22, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The speed of progress in semiconductor technology will start decelerating in 2001, said Randall Isaac, IBM Corp. vice president of technology and science.
    Isaac, who is in the IBM Research Division, is responsible for IBM's research and development for semiconductor technologies. He depicted the future of semiconductor technology in his address Sept. 17 at IBM's Fair '98 held at the Makuhari Messe near Tokyo.

    According to Isaac, the transistor density of microchips will quadruple over the next three years, following Moore's law, the technology development scale devised by Intel Corp. founder Gordon Moore.

    A microprocessor that operates at 1GHz and a 1Gb dynamic random access memory (DRAM) will be realized in 2001, Isaac said.

    After 2001, however, the progress in semiconductor technology will decelerate rapidly, Isaac said.

    In 2010, the operating frequency of microprocessors will remain around 8GHz, and the capacity of DRAMs will remain at 8Gbits or so, Isaac said.

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