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  • Australia's Integrated Research Allies with Microsoft
  • September 28, 1998 (SYDNEY, Australia) -- Integrated Research Pty. Ltd. (IR), a developer of systems management software, and Microsoft Corp. announced plans to develop and market software solutions for Microsoft NT server products.
    The collaboration is an expansion of IR's PROGNOSIS product line.

    IR develops systems management software for large mission critical operations, and the agreement with Microsoft will further its capabilities in the NT market.

    The PROGNOSIS range of products provides solutions for Tandem, UNIX and NT systems management. With direct sales and support offices in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, together with a network of distributors and strategic partners, IR provides services to large companies in 38 countries.

    "About 96 percent of IR's business is done outside of Australia and over half of our business comes from the United States," said Steve Killelea, president and CEO of Integrated Research.

    "Around nine months ago we approached Microsoft in terms of trying to understand their strategic direction, and they saw our product and wanted to work more closely with us. So that created the opening for a memorandum of understanding," Killelea added.

    The PROGNOSIS family of integrated systems management products is built on a common architecture. The products allow users to monitor the performance of very large networks, servers and applications in real time through an intuitive graphical user interface, the company said. PROGNOSIS provides real-time problem alerting, and can generate electronic pager or email messages to off-site personnel.

    PROGNOSIS has automated facilities for storage, consolidation and review of historical data, and automatic trend extrapolation for capacity planning and budgeting. These features, together with automated problem research and resolution, automated balance management of CPUs, and a developer tool kit for custom application monitoring, are used by many customers to manage systems environments.

    "Much of IR's success can be attributed to its capacity to forge strategic partnerships with leading companies, such as ACI, Motorola, Tivoli and IDX. Some of the other accounts we have include NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and in telecommunications we have British Telecom, and Australia's Telstra Corp. and Optus Communications," Killelea noted.

    "Integrated Research has applied its experience in software development for mission critical operations to formulate a systems management solution for the NT platform," said Mark Roberts, director of Microsoft Australia's application development customer unit.

    "We have every confidence that IR will deliver to Microsoft's NT customers the benefits that PROGNOSIS customers are realizing on the Tandem NSK platform today. Microsoft will be promoting PROGNOSIS globally," Roberts added.

    Killelea said that the alliance gives IR access to Microsoft's technical and product development teams as well as future promotional support through joint marketing activities.

    "IR will continue to align its technical strategies with Microsoft's enterprise-focused developments. Together, the two companies will work toward a common objective of delivering world-class solutions that drive down the total cost of ownership," Killelea added.

    (Neil Munro, Asia BizTech Correspondent)

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