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  • Some 60 Pct of Japanese Firms Use Desktop PCs as Servers
  • October 12, 1998 (TOKYO) -- About 60 percent of Japanese corporations use desktop/tower type personal computers as servers.
    This is according to a joint survey conducted by Nikkei Market Access and Nikkei Computer, both published by Nikkei Business Publications Inc.

    The corporate information system survey for fiscal 1998 covered 7,497 domestic listed and unlisted companies as well as firms listed on the over-the-counter market. A total of 2,061 of the 7,497 companies responded to a questionnaire that the two magazines sent by mail in May 1998. Of the 2,061 responses, 1,103 replied to a question about their use of servers.

    The question asked the respondents if they use either desktop/tower PCs or UNIX workstations as servers as of May 1998.

    The survey results showed that about 60 percent of the surveyed firms said they use desktop/tower PCs as file servers, print servers or other types of servers.

    Slightly less than 40 percent of the companies with UNIX workstations said they use UNIX workstation machines as servers. The percentage rose to about 50 percent among companies with 1,000 employees or more, which are regarded as major UNIX users.

    These percentages do not include the companies which did not respond to the questionnaire.

    Nikkei Market Access observed that the situation is not just corporate workstation users' trying to make effective use of their old machines. Nikkei Market Access assumed that quite a number of corporate users bought UNIX workstations with an initial aim to use them as servers.

    The phenomenon suggests that the definition of a server product has been becoming vague among users.

    The survey also asked the respondents what percentage of their desktop/tower PCs or UNIX workstations they use as servers.

    The findings reported that about 20 percent of desktop/tower PCs and about 35 percent of UNIX workstations are used as servers per company, which indicates that desktop/tower PCs and UNIX workstations are estimated to account for about 10 percent of all PCs installed at companies.

    (Nikkei Market Access)

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