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  • [LCD/PDP International '98] Japanese Heavy Industry Company to Enter LCD Plant Engineering Biz
  • November 3, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI) said it will enter the plant engineering business for liquid-crystal displays.
    IHI has been introducing inspection and manufacturing equipment for LCDs. The company announced its intentions to enter the plant engineering business the LCD/PDP International '98 seminar held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture near Tokyo from Oct. 20-30.

    The company said it will offer high productivity to its customers, undertaking all the layouts for manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment, transportation systems, piping and wiring.

    LCD panel makers can expect reductions of initial investments and running costs in their plants, because IHI will apply its know-how that was accumulated in constructing power plants, petrochemical plants and iron and steel plants for the benefit of LCD panel makers, company officials said.

    As the first step of its plant engineering business, IHI will start receiving orders for the total inspection system, which goes from the TFT array process to the liquid-crystal module process.

    IHI exhibited a panel with the outline of its total inspection system at the exhibition.

    IHI has its own technology for each part of the inspection equipment, which enables the company to retain an edge in constructing plant systems, said Eiji Inoue, managing director and executive general manager of the company's energy plant unit.

    As the basic condition to construct a total system, the characteristics of each production machine must be fully understood, Inoue said.

    IHI plans to carry out the planning and construction of LCD plants on a contract basis. The company can perform these jobs because it is an engineering company that is strong at connecting various processes through various transportation systems, Inoue said.

    On the exhibition floor, IHI also showed panels with the outlines of clean logistic systems. At LCD plants, each part of the plant equipment is in a process of rapid development. To meet market needs for the developments, plant makers and LCD panel makers should cooperate with each other, IHI said. The company expects to exchange information with panel makers, Inoue said.

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