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  • Seiko to Develop LCD Modules with Internet Functions
  • November 9, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Seiko Instruments Inc. said it started developing liquid-crystal display modules with Internet communications functions.
    The company uses Internet Tuner, a technology licensed from iReady Corp. of the United States. Products will be shipped in March 1999.

    iReady Corp., the original developer of the Internet Tuner, licensed to Seiko its technology as intellectual property. Seiko will make a IC chip using that intellectual property, or Internet-on-a-chip.

    The IC chips that incorporate the intellectual property and driver ICs are directly mounted on a flexible printed circuit board using technology called chip-on-film (COF).

    The Internet Tuner can downsize and save energy compared to previous devices using software.

    Seiko will sell two products. First in March 1999, it will start marketing the "Network-Ready LCD Module" which incorporates basic Internet protocols such as TCP/IP, UDC and PPP and indicates two lines of characters.

    And second in June 1999, the company will introduce the "Internet-Ready LCD Module," which comprises POP3, SMTP and MIME as e-mail protocols and HTTP as an Web browser protocol in addition to TCP/IP, UDC and PPP.

    This module also can display images with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Several companies have already decided to adopt these products, company officials said.

    More information in English is at: http://ww w.ireadyco.com/archives/seikolcd.html

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