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  • Xiamen Company Makes China's First Mobile Phones
  • January 22, 1999 (BEIJING) -- China's first mobile phones designed entirely at home and manufactured by Xiamen Overseas Chinese Mobile Communication Equipment Corp. in Xiamen were recently put on sale.
    Xiamen is in eastern China's Fujian province. Xiamen Overseas Chinese Mobile Communication Equipment Corp. is a joint venture between Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd., a major exporter of color TV sets, and the Guangzhou Communication Research Institute.

    Guo Zeli, president of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Mobile Communication Equipment, said that the new handset ranks with mid-range or top-range international models. It is expected to be highly competitive in the Chinese market because of its relatively low price, he added. The Huaxia No. 1 GSM handset is priced at about half that of similar foreign-made handsets.

    Guo predicted that the launch of the handset will trigger another round of intense competition in China's mobile phone market.

    By the end of 1998, the number of mobile phone users in China had topped 25 million, and sales of mobile communications services exceeded those of local and long distance services.

    The Ministry of Information Industry (MII) said that the number of cellular phone users in China will likely grow to 40 million by 2000.

    Several Chinese companies, including Dongfang Telecommunications and Shenzhen Kejian, also have developed a range of commercial phones.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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