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Nikkei Business Publications (known better in Japan as Nikkei BP) covers a wide variety of specialized areas including business, computer, electronics, construction, services and medicine. With our reputation as the number one business publisher in Japan, we have also been expanding into the consumer field over the past several years with much success. Through our 38 magazines and 4 newsletters, we reach a combined readership of over 2.3 million and our annual magazine circulation exceeds 43 million. The circulations of our magazines are audited by Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations, although the practice of circulation audit has yet to take root in the Japanese publishing industry.

Most of our business titles are sold through annual subscription only, which makes it possible for our editors to maintain a clear picture of the profiles and needs of their readers. And the fact that we know who our readers are makes our magazines excel their rivals as quality advertising media. With the aim of contributing to the growth and expansion of business-to-business advertisements, we established the annual "Nikkei BP Advertising Awards" four years ago.

Our corporate philosophy is to provide the most accurate and vital information for the technology and business executive. To this end, almost all the articles that appear in our publications are researched and written by over 600 technically proficient staff writers of our own. No other publishing house in the world has as many in-house writers as we do. In order to collect information on a global basis, we have editorial offices in London, New York, Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.

Apart from magazines and newsletters, we also publish books and directories. We are also a strong player in the field of electronic and multimedia publishing. And with the aim of complementing our publishing activities, we organize a variety of trade exhibitions and industry seminars. High technology research and consultation services, which we offer at our Consulting Group, are a comparatively new business field for us.

Date of establishment: April 5, 1969
Capital:400 million yen
FY1997 corporate income ranking
Among Japanese companies:
Among Japanese publishers: 8th
1997 Operating statistics
Annual turnover:
56.9 billion yen
Number of subscribers: 2,300,000
Number of advertising pages: approx. 47,900
Number of advertisers: approx. 5,800

Takashi Suzuki
President & CEO
Hisao Yoshimura
Senior Executive Managing Director
Yukoh Kawamura
Executive Managing Directors
Masanobu Chiba, Koichi Shiraishi, Norimichi Okai, Shozo Watanabe, Toshio Onda, Kiyoshi Mamizu, Hirohisa Hayashi, Zenichiro Tanaka, Minoru Matsuzaki
Managing Directors
Hitoshi Sawai, Katsuhiko Hirano, Rikiya Okabe, Toshihiro Oda, Tomoe Nishimura, Mitsuharu Hanagami, Takuhiko Tsuruta, Teruo Tsutsumi, Kenji Obayashi
Shozo Takeda, Ryoji Migiya, Seiichi Oteru

Nikkei Business Publications USA, Inc.
Nikkei Business Publications America, Inc.
Nikkei Business Publications Europe Ltd.
Nikkei Business Publications Asia Ltd.
Nikkei Business Publications Subscription Sales Co.
Nikkei Business Publications Service, Inc.
Nikkei BP Publishing Center, Inc.
Nikkei BP Soft Press, Inc.
Nikkei BP BizTech, Inc.
Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services, Inc.
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Nikkei BP Creative, Inc.
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Vérité, Inc.

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