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  • Sega's Dreamcast Game Machine Enjoys Brisk Sales
  • December 2, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Sega Enterprises Ltd. on Nov. 27 launched its Dreamcast video game machine, and it sold out quickly in many shops on the first day of retail sales.
    Some customers even waited in lines in front of stores from the night before to purchase the video game machine as early as possible. Popular shops sold all of their Dreamcast machines within 30 minutes.

    In October, Sega was forced to reduce the number in the first shipment of Dreamcast machines due to a shortage of graphics chips for the machine. Most stores had to stop receiving advance orders.

    "Some customers are determined to buy only the machine for the time being, because they are probably worried that machines might be out of stock by the time the software comes out," said Toshiyuki Fukuda, manager of Laox the Computer Game Kan, a major video game shop in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

    According to Sega, it will continue shipping Dreamcast machines, but it is not releasing information on the number of units shipped. Shops may not be able to secure as many of the machines as they wish.

    Officials at the Laox store do not know the details of future shipment schedules.

    "We will notify customers when their machines will be available at the time when shipment is confirmed, and we suggest that customers check with us frequently," Fukuda said.

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