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  • Compaq to Introduce Ultra-Slim Notebook PC in Japan
  • December 10, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Compaq Computer K.K. of Japan said it is planning to launch sales of the A4-sized PRESARIO 1915 notebook PC in the Japanese market ahead of its release in other countries.
    The thickness of the new model is an ultra-slim 31mm, making it slimmer than the company's previous models. It will start appearing in stores in mid-December and its retail price is expected to be about 310,000 yen (US$2,590).

    The PRESARIO 1915 will occupy the top position in Compaq's line of notebook PC models for individual users.

    Compaq's new ultra-slim notebook is designed to suit the needs of Japanese customers, and the company hopes it will obtain a major slice of Japan's rapidly expanding market for slim notebook PCs.

    The body of the new PRESARIO model was made thinner by utilizing technology developed by the former Digital Equipment Corp. Japan for its HiNote Ultra range of slim notebook PCs. As a result, the body is 18mm slimmer than the 49mm-thick body of the PRESARIO 1815, which is currently available.

    The new model is equipped with a 266MHz Mobile Pentium II microprocessor and a 12.1-in. thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) that has a maximum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million shades of color.

    Additionally, it comes with a special base unit called the Wedge, which has both a 2x DVD-ROM drive and an FDD. The main body of the PC can be attached and detached from the Wedge base unit without cables, a feature that saves on space, according to Compaq.

    As its name suggests, the unit is wedge-shaped, and when the PC is attached the keyboard is inclined, making typing easier and more comfortable.

    On each side of the Power On/Off switch are four keys that comprise the "Internet Button Set." By pressing those keys, users can connect with the Internet and perform other Internet-related functions.

    Software for playing commercially available DVDs is included as standard. Thus, it will be possible for users to watch videos and listen to music on their notebook PCs. The PRESARIO 1915 comes with JBL Pro Audio miniature speakers, supplied by U.S.-based JBL Professional, for improved quality of audio reproduction for movie and music applications.

    Also, the new model includes a 64MB main memory, a 4.0GB hard disk drive, a 56kbps V.90 modem and two Type II PC card slots that can be used as CardBus slots.

    The weight of the PC without the Wedge is 2.1kg. When attached to the Wedge, the total weight is 2.9kg. In addition to Microsoft Windows 98, it comes preinstalled with other software including word processor and map software.

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