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  • Japan's Computer Virus Incidents Hit Low in November
  • December 10, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Incidents of computer viruses reported in Japan in November totaled 109, the lowest number since April 1997, when macro viruses were prevalent.
    The numbers were released in the Computer Virus Report for November issued by Japan's Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) on Dec. 4, 1998,

    Three new viruses were recognized this time. They are "W97M/Class" and "W97M/Groov" for MS Word (three cases each) and "XM/Compat" for Excel (two cases).

    When a file infected by "W97/Class" is read in, the MS Word program will be infected by the virus, and displays a peculiar message every 31st day of the month.

    "W97/Mgroov" will place an infected template in the startup folder of the Word or create a system file containing virus code on the root directory of the hard disk drive.

    "XM/Compat" will infect Excel 95, and could alter figures on the worksheet.

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