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  • Matsushita Electric Works to Use NCs for Enterprise System
  • December 28, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Matsushita Electric Works Ltd. informed Nikkei Communications that studies are underway to fully deploy Network Computers (NCs), a concept backed by Oracle Corp., for its enterprise system.
    Matsushita is in the process of introducing about 10,000 personal computers and 300 host terminals. However, it plans to replace some of them with NCs in 1999.

    While facing the need to reconfigure its enterprise system, Matsushita is considering NCs as well as Windows-based terminals and other thin-client computers.

    Items that are being studied include: (1) compatibility with the personnel administration system, which is based on Oracle; (2) compatibility with the order/delivery system using a host computer made by Fujitsu Ltd.; and (3) compatibility with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that uses Oracle applications.

    Matsushita is said to have confirmed that all the systems studied are compatible with the NC. As a result, Matsushita plans to fully deploy NCs in 1999.

    Matsushita is expected to employ the Business Terminal 300, a Fujitsu NC product. The exact number of units to be ordered has not yet been decided.

    In 1998, only a few universities have deployed NCs, and deployment of NCs by businesses is slow. Matsushita's decision to utilize NCs will provide an opportunity for other corporate users to start considering NCs for their enterprise systems, industry experts said.

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