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  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone to Buy 250 ADSL Modems
  • December 30, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. made public its procurement specifications for asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) modems on Dec. 21.
    This procurement is reportedly for the "ADSL Access Line" test service planned for the autumn of 1999. With this disclosure of the number and specifications of ADSL modems to be purchased, the size of NTT's planned test service is becoming clear.

    NTT's Request for Proposal specifications and the number of units are as follows:

    1) 250 ADSL Modems to be installed at user premises.

    2) 250 voice frequency splitters to be installed at user premises.

    3) 10 DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer) units to be installed at NTT stations.

    4) 10 station splitters to be installed at NTT stations.

    5) two sets of "NE-OPS" monitoring and control devices.

    NTT's delivery schedule lists the date of early September 1999. On Dec. 17, NTT said that ADSL access line services would be provided through 10 NTT stations in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. The planned test service assumes 25 ADSL users per station (or for each DSLAM unit).

    The trial service probably will not target regular customers including home users, although NTT's basic strategy does not place a limit on the number of trial service users. But without an adequate number of customers, the unit costs and service costs will be high.

    It appears that the ADSL service fees won't be sufficiently inexpensive for general consumers.

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