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  • NEC Evaluates Impact of PCs on Environment
  • February 20, 1998 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. and Shizuoka NEC, a personal computer production arm of NEC, evaluated the effects of PCs on the environment, company officials said.
    The quantitative evaluation covered the entire life cycle of PCs, ranging from production and utilization to disposal.

    The two firms claim that the quantitative evaluation, based on ISO14040 specifications regarding the environment, is the first such study of its kind in the world. On the basis of this evaluation, the companies plan to develop PCs that take into account environmental factors.

    In making the evaluation, they adopted a method called the Life Cycle Assessment based on ISO14040, which was established in June 1997.

    Chosen for the testing was the space-saving ValueStar NX VS26D/CX PC, which was evaluated in terms of global warming, acid rain and eutrophication.

    The ValueStar model's influence on global warming, converted into carbon dioxide discharge amount, was about 280kg. This was about 20 percent less than NEC's conventional products. Its breakdown was about 110kg in the production stage, about 170kg during utilization and less than a few kilograms each in the distribution and disposal stages.

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