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  • IBM AS/400 to Use PowerPC with Copper Wiring in '99
  • July 23, 1998 (TOKYO) -- IBM Corp. will incorporate PowerPC processors with copper wiring in its AS/400 server systems in 1999, Thomas J. Jarosh, general manager of the AS/400 unit, told Nikkei Computer during a recent visit to Japan.
    The computer giant will add two high-end models to its existing AS/400e series this autumn. One model will use eight "Northstar" (development code) processors and the other one will employ 12 of the same processors.

    Northstar will have a processing performance about 1.9 times higher than that of Apache, a processor used for the Model 650, the current highest-end model with 12 processors. An entire Northstar-equipped model with 12 processors will have a processing performance 1.7-1.9 times higher than the Model 650.

    In 1999, the company will commercialize a new model equipped with Pulsar, a next-generation processor to Northstar. Pulsar will have a much higher performance by adopting copper wiring technology. Even though Jarosh declined to comment on a concrete processing performance for the model alone, he said the future model will use a maximum of 24 processors.

    An AS/400 server to be released after the Pulsar-equipped model will incorporate Giga Processor, a 1GHz processor to be introduced in 2001.

    Northstar, Pulsar and Giga Processor will all be 64-bit RISC processors based on the PowerPC architecture. These processors will be also adopted on the RS/6000.

    Jarosh also unveiled the firm's plan to strengthen the capability of OS/400. A new version of the operating system will hit the market in the second quarter (April-June) of 1999. The new version will feature a logic partitioning capability. IBM will enable more than one OS/400 to run on a single AS/400 server.

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