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  • NTT to Build 64Mbps, One-Way Network By 2002
  • October 27, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. said it will deploy a network that can operate at 64 megabits per second one way by 2002.
    The company announced R&D; strategies of the whole NTT group, which is being divided and reorganized in July 1999.

    NTT President Junichiro Miyazu said that NTT aims to set up an information sharing business to distribute digital contents on networks so it can focus its efforts on R&D.;

    According to Miyazu's vision of the information sharing business, three trends will have occurred by 2005, the year NTT aims to establish optical fiber networks.

    The first is digitization of broadcasting and networking of home electronics. The second wave is contents distribution services by the media. The third is the age of mega-contents with information sent from small-office home-office (SOHO) businesses, households, and others.

    In keeping with the trends, NTT is going to advance research and development in four fields: contents, information sharing platforms, networks and terminals.

    As a concrete example, the Mega-Media concept announced in Oct. 1996 by NTT was taken up with a new perspective. The basic line of the Mega-Media concept is the same: to offer a service to send data at 10Mbps for 10,000 yen (US$85) per month by 2005. However a new scheme was added to introduce one-way optical communications networks at 6Mbps mainly to areas with about 100,000 residents (and also to areas with different scales of population) by 2002.

    The reason for the one-way 6Mbps network is that the service system to be built must be able to receive a download request from a user via 128kbps circuits such as ISDN and OCN services, and larger scale optical networks should be used as transmission lines for downloading data.

    When the service starts, users can enjoy contents of pictures encoding in MPEG-2 format in high-quality images and on a large screen.

    The current R&D; division of NTT will be incorporated into a holding company after the reorganization. "The R&D; division will carry out all the research and development of the whole NTT group and promote projects closely related with each business," Miyazu said.

    He also reiterated the importance of forming strategic alliances with companies outside of the NTT group, as the company cannot pursue an information sharing business without cooperation from outside companies.

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