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  • Olympus Discloses New Lines of Popular Digital Cameras
  • September 23, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. introduced a new CAMEDIA digital camera with a 1.31-million-pixel charge-coupled device.
    The successor models of the C-840L are the CAMEDIA C-900 ZOOM equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens (as seen in the left picture) and its economical version, the CAMEDIA C-830L.

    The lens of C-900 ZOOM has lens focal length equivalent to a range of 35mm to 105mm of a 35mm film-based camera. The lens focal length of economical C-830L is equal to 36mm, the same as the C-840L.

    There is little change between the C-840L and the two new models in the CCD and the exterior size, but some alterations were made in parts related to image quality, such as complementary filter and image processing.

    The C-900 ZOOM and C-830L are scheduled to come onto the market in early November 1998 at 89,800 yen (US$680) and 64,800 yen (US$490), respectively. Olympus expects to produce some 40,000 sets of C-900 ZOOM and some 30,000 sets of C-830L monthly.

    The new SLR CAMEDIA C-1400XL (as seen in the right picture) has a 1.41-million-pixel CCD and a 3x optical zoom lens, the same as its predecessor.

    While including additional functions such as sequence photography and attachability of an exterior flash, the camera keeps the same price of the former model at 128,000 yen (US$970). Olympus plans to launch the C-1400XL on the market on Oct. 8 and to produce some 30,000 sets monthly.

    Olympus also debuted the CAMEDIA P-330, a color printer that enables direct output of images photographed in a SmartMedia card. The printer includes a slot for a SmartMedia card in its body, boasting a 306dpi resolution and a capacity of printing 16.7 million colors.

    The P-330 is expected to come onto the market in late November for 64,800 yen (US$490).

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