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  • Apple iMac PC Colors Vary Greatly in Popularity
  • February 4, 1999 (TOKYO) -- New Apple iMac PCs, which come in five colors, are selling at a brisk pace, and the strawberry and blueberry colors are especially popular in Japan.
    The initial shipments of the strawberry and blueberry models sold out in a few days at all shops that carry iMac PCs. Apple's new iMac PCs debuted in Japan on Jan. 24.

    The iMac is most popular among young Japanese women. Such women are known for making purchases of products according to appearance. They apparently do not care about the CPU frequency or connectivity to peripherals.

    This is the very scenario that Apple Computer Inc.'s interim CEO Steve Jobs is trying to create, industry sources said. In a new era, many buyers will select PCs according to color, and not necessarily according to specifications.

    Such color-oriented marketing of PCs also is done by other computer makers. Sharp Corp., for example, has already sold about 500 units of its thin notebook Mebius Note PC-PJ1 with a metallic touch of blue purple. According to Sharp, it will continue to work on PC color-based marketing.

    Toshiba Corp. provides a PC coloring service in which customers can select their favorite color from 12 selections.

    "Toshiba has received about 200 orders, with 40 percent from women, and the most popular color is pearl white," a company official said.

    NEC is cautious about this trend. It suffered a tough experience with PCs offered in blue and pink a few years ago.

    "Launching colorful PCs will not bring the best results. Colors should be considered in line with the design and the purpose. Apple's iMac can do it because of the unique design," an NEC official said.

    Thus, NEC will retain its basic color line of silver and black because those are the most popular colors for electric appliances such as TVs and audio-video equipment.

    According to NEC, the black version of a desktop PC with a liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor, which it added for the 1998 year-end sales campaign, enjoyed sales close to its white-color counterpart.

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