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  • Relational Database Software for Linux to Debut in Japan
  • August 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Relational database software for Linux, a free UNIX program, will be released in rapid succession in Japan.
    For example, Informix Corp. of the United States released software for Linux that it will ship in Japan on Sept. 16.

    The company started to ship the Linux version of its latest relational database software, "Informix-SE.7.24," on July 22 in the United States. Informix KK of Japan said that it had been receiving requests for the Linux version not only from Linux users, but also from Informix users. Japanese Informix users made the request every time they held meetings.

    Designed for a small system consisting of scores of users, the Informix-SE just released enjoys a high degree of stability and does not cost much for maintenance. Informix of Japan said that the introduction of the Linux version began with SE instead of with Dynamic Server, a higher-end product, because the company wanted to see the Linux version's marketability.

    Empress Japan will ship the Linux version of "EMPRESS 6.10," the latest version of Empress released by Empress Software Inc. of Canada, at the end of August.

    Empress Japan has so far released only the trial version for personal users for the purpose of market research. Empress of Canada has decided to introduce a full product because Linux users are increasing in number in Japan.

    InterBase Software Corp. of the United States has already introduced the Japanese version of its InterBase software. RIOS Corp. enabled the Linux version of InterBase 4.0 to be downloaded free of charge through its home page beginning on June 10. The company reported that there were 986 downloads by the end of July.

    Oracle Corp. of the United States, the largest vendor of relational database software, announced that it would ship the Linux version of "Oracle 8" by the end of 1998. It will also introduce the Linux version of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) package of "Oracle Applications" in the first quarter of 1999. Oracle Corp. Japan, however, has not decided if it will market these two Linux versions in Japan.

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