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  • Japan System Integrators to Set Up Linux Group
  • February 24, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Five Japanese system integrators said they founded the Linux Business Initiative to promote Linux, a freely distributed and modifiable UNIX-compatible operating system.
    As a first step. on Feb. 21 they published a list of companies supporting Linux on a Web site at: "http://www.linux.or.jp/lbi/" (Japanese only). Representing the group is Motoharu Kubo of ThirdWare Co., Ltd. ([email protected]).

    The initiative's objective is to encourage use of Linux in business. It plans to put the following information on its Web pages:

    (1) Directory of Linux supporting vendors: A list of companies are able to provide installation and technical support and consultation.

    (2) Directory of Linux Business Initiative products and services: A list of software/hardware products that officially support Linux, names of personal computers that have Linux OS pre- installed and system products that include Linux.

    (3) Directory of Linux Business Initiative reference sites: A list of users of Linux.

    As of Feb. 18, the members are five software houses and several individuals.

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