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  • Commercial RDBMS For PC/Linux Unveiled in Japan JP
  • July 7, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Rios Corp. announced that it developed a Japanese version of InterBase4.0 for Linux, which is similar to InterBase4.0, a relational database management system (RDBMS) product of InterBase Software Corp. of the United States.
    This RDBMS will work on the PC with Linux, which is distributed as freeware UNIX. It is the first commercial RDBMS for Linux with a Japanese capability.

    To utilize RDBMS on Linux, customers must use free PostgreSQL or SCO 's OpenServer version of Oracle with a third party vendor's patches.

    Rios will distribute InterBase4.0 for Linux free of charge through its home page at http://www.rios.co.jp/iblinux/ (in Japanese). The company will not charge a license fee for vendors to sell application programs that integrate InterBase4.0 for Linux. The source code will not be made public.

    Rios is planning to develop the latest version of InterBase5.0 for Linux as well. It has not decided if this version will be available free of charge.

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