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  • Japanese Internet Users Search With Yahoo!, goo, Infoseek
  • July 14, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The most popular Internet search engines among Japanese users are "Yahoo! Japan" of Yahoo Japan Corp., "goo" of NTT Advertising Inc. and "Infoseek Japan" of Infoseek Corp., according to the Sixth Internet Active User Survey conducted by Nikkei Multimedia.
    The survey was conducted in May and June using the home page of Nikkei Multimedia, and there were 5,571 valid replies.

    A total of 46.7 percent of users prefer Yahoo! Japan, 26.4 percent utilize the "goo" search engine, and 16.1 percent use Infoseek Japan. Those three account for 89.2 percent of respondents. The domestic search engine market is virtually monopolized by the three companies.

    Regarding Yahoo! Japan, which is quick to provide such information services as sports and financial news, 6.2 percent of users cited "comprehensive information services other than the search engine such as news and weather forecast." NTT's "goo" also focuses on strengthening its information services.

    The most common way for users to learn about Internet shopping pages is "obtaining information from magazine and newspaper articles" (27 .5 percent), compared to 22.0 percent of users who "seek such information using a search engine."

    The major complaint about search engines is "the difficulty in finding information of interest," accounting for 30.1 percent of responses.

    Results and analysis of the Sixth Survey will appear in the August issue of Nikkei Multimedia, which will be published on July 15, as well as on its home page, in Japanese only.

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