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  • Internet Users Positive on Email Ads: Nikkei Survey
  • July 16, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Email advertising got the highest approval of all Internet-based advertising in a Nikkei Multimedia survey.
    Of the forms of advertising based on the Internet, email advertising got a higher approval rating among Internet users than other forms, while banner advertising is increasingly getting the thumbs down.

    These conclusions about the current state of Internet advertising are from the Sixth Internet User Survey conducted by Nikkei Multimedia in May and June 1998.

    Advertisers will likely need to reconsider their use of banner advertisements before too long. One factor prompting reappraisal is the rise in advertising through email.

    In regard to email advertising, 43.1 percent of users agreed that the only value in email advertisements is that users will see them, and 31.2 percent said that links to Web sites make email advertisements more useful than other types of advertising. In total, 74.3 percent of respondents were positive in their attitude toward email advertising.

    In regard to banner advertisements, the positive response rate appears to be slowly decreasing, while the negative response rate is rising. One year ago, in the June 1997 survey, a total of 78.7 percent of users agreed the only value in banner ads is that users will see the panels, or that links to Web sites make banner ads more useful than other types of advertising. Although slight, there was a decline in positive responses from 78.7 to 74.7 percent in this year's survey.

    Comparing the two forms of advertising, more users click and read email advertisements than banner ads overall. Looking at whether users feel inclined to click an advertisement when the product name is clearly stated, the positive response rates were 35.6 percent of men and 25.9 percent of women for banner ads, compared with the higher rates of both men and women (43.5 and 29.5 percent) for positive responses to email advertising.

    Looking at how users rate the content of advertisements that they have actually clicked and read, email advertisements generally tended to rate more highly than banner ads. The majority of users (50.5 percent) rated email advertising as adequate in providing the necessary information and specific details about a product, as opposed to 43.6 percent who rated banner advertising as adequate.

    Results and analysis of this year's survey will be published in the August 1998 issue of Nikkei Multimedia, which went on sale on July 15. There are also plans to present an overview and summarized statistics on the Nikkei Multimedia Web site in July. The magazine and Web site are available in Japanese only.

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