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  • Sony Proposes New Platform Aimed at Non-PC Users
  • November 24, 1998 (LAS VEGAS, Nevada) -- Sony Corp. introduced a concept called Simple Media Activated Platform (SMAP) aimed at non-PC users and it introduced a SMAP-capable terminal at the recent COMDEX Fall '98 show.
    Sony said it included SMAP at the exhibition because existing PCs require such intricate tasks as installing applications and making parameter changes. These tasks can be confusing to users who aren't familiar with PCs.

    The terminal based on the new concept utilizes a mini-disc (MD) as a recording media. Sony's Aperios proprietary operating system, Personal Java as well as Java applications and contents are stored on a single MD and they can be operated on the terminal. This allows users to be free from cumbersome tasks, Sony said.

    Sony officials said they are confident about developing applications, including educational applications for children. A portable terminal also would be possible.

    The main drawbacks are that the MD Data is not yet ubiquitous and the slow read/write speed is only equal to that of a 1x CD-ROM drive. Despite these drawbacks, Sony believes that the system has the capability to handle specific tasks.

    The Sony officials said that a decision has yet to be made on commercializing the device.

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