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Casio Unveils Data Terminal with Digital Camera for cdmaOne Phones

November 22, 2000 (TOKYO) -- Casio Computer Co., Ltd. on Nov. 16 unveiled the "Tricomail," a compact and lightweight data terminal that allows users to connect to cdmaOne cellular phones.


The digital camera is positioned on the upper left side of the terminal's body. It has been designed to allow users to easily create address books featuring photos and e-mails with portraits. Together with a cdmaOne phone, it also enables users to send and receive e-mail and view Web pages. The device is expected to be available in early December 2000, at an open price.

The display screen is a touch panel 3.2-in. model STN color liquid crystal with a backlight. Its resolution is 320 by 240 pixels and the color display has 32,768 colors. Data input is done either by touching the screen with the attached pen or by operating the software keyboard.

The digital camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor with 110,000 pixels. Users can film still pictures (in JPEG format) at 320 by 240 pixels. The memory capacity is 16MB for ROM and 8MB for RAM. As for RAM memory, the capacity available to store data is about 2MB. The built-in multimedia card (MMC) slot allows users to record data for back-up purposes.

When the packet communication service called PacketOne is used the data transmission speed is either 14.4kbps or 64kbps.

It is compatible with the POP3/SMTP Protocol and allows users to send or receive Text Mail and HTML Mail. The Web browser conforms to HTML 3.2. The camera is frame display-capable and is compatible with JavaScript, Cookie as well as SSL2.0/3.0.

Power is supplied either by the lithium-ion rechargeable battery or an AC adapter. The battery can operate for about four hours, but when connected to a mobile phone and data communication is done, it goes down to about two hours. In addition, one CR2032 lithium button battery is required for back-up power.

The device measures 82mm high by 12.6mm wide by 29mm thick, and weighs 225g.

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