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•KCCS Links AutoCAD and BackOffice

October 2, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd has developed a design support system that links two-dimensional CAD software -- AutoCAD by AutoDesk, Inc., -- with Microsoft's BackOffice. Kyocera Communication, an affiliate of Kyocera Corp., is exhibiting a prototype of the product at World PC Expo 98.

The system links AutoCAD with software such as a groupware Exchange Server or database management system SQL Server.

The main function of the system is product control. It enables real-time processing of product design changes, sending out change notifications and approvals. The system makes it possible to hyperlink tables or figures of the product's components via a Web browser. It also facilitates information exchanges among various departments.

The company is planning to customize the system for each corporate user. A shipping schedule has not been determined.

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