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•Taiwan Information Technology to Get Rid of Heavy Reliance on Hardware

October 1, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Taiwan's Information Industry seminar held at World PC Forum was an opportunity to get acquainted with the newest trends in the region's industry. Taiwan has a great influence over the world's computer industry -- perhaps the most significant next to the U.S. and Japan.

In the speech entitled "Challenges and Measures of Taiwan's Information Industry," Tai-Yang Hwang, vice president of Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry, talked about the current environments, issues and prospects surrounding the island's information industry.

Hwang explained that hardware products, including CRT monitors, motherboards and scanners, form more than 80 percent of Taiwan's production in the field of information technology industry. Taiwan boasts a worldwide market share of more than 50 percent for its hardware devices.

Hwang claimed that a policy to strengthen the field of network and software products will be adopted in future, and stressed that the Taiwan government is also going to support this policy.

III has already started a five-year project called "The second development plan for the software industry." The organization is planning to promote the production of hardware as well, focusing on large-sized TFT-LCD displays. Tie-ins up with Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Toshiba Corp. and other enterprises have already been initiated.

Today's seminar ran six hours, and was full of presentations focusing on developments in the semiconductor industry, logistics of PC supply, Internet publishing for companies in Asia, and analyses of trends in the information industry.

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