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•China Aims to Be the Largest Cyber-nation: Chinese Government Exec.

October 3, 1998 (TOKYO) -- "China will be the largest electronics and information country and will greatly contribute to the world," declared Qi Zhang, a Chinese government official, at the Seminar on Information Industry of China at World PC Forum 98.

"The Chinese government is going to pour all its strength into bringing up the country's information industry," said Zhang, director general of the Department of Electronics and I.T. Products in the China's Ministry of Information Industry.

Zhang said Chinese electronics industry is expected to grow by 28 percent from a year earlier to a level of RMB410 billion (US$49 billion).

Some 3.4 million PCs have been shipped so far, and the number is expected to rise to 5 million in 1998. Machines made in China account for approximately 60 percent of the current PC market in China. Zhang expects that the industry will be RMB1 trillion in 2000, and RMB6 trillion in 2010, if it continues to grow at its current speed.

In addition, he said, the market for advanced function TVs is rapidly expanding and that for personal digital assistants has started to spread.

Sources estimate that DVD players will also start to gain popularity among purchasers of advanced function TVs, since a DVD player makes it possible to utilize high quality images with the advanced TV.

As for PDAs, sources predict that annual sales will rise above 10 million in the near future. With its 1.2 million Internet users, "China is rapidly making its way into the information age," said Zhang.

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