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  • Intel Japan Chairman Sees Small Market for Celeron
  • March 26, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Intel KK Chairman Ikuo Nishioka said the company's new Celeron microprocessor for low-priced personal computers might build up only a relatively small market share.
    During a March 19 seminar in Tokyo for reporters on Intel's future product plans, Nishioka said Celeron could account for about 10 percent of the entire microprocessor market for PCs.

    One reason is that demand for high-end machines is still high, even in the home PC market. And, the Pentium II is better suited than Celeron for the new Windows 98 operating system to be released by Microsoft Corp. this summer.

    Intel expects demand for Celeron in corporate terminals rather than in home PCs.

    At the beginning of the seminar, President Nobuyuki Denda emphasized that the company would differentiate Celeron from other current products for desktop PCs.

    Some Japanese PC makers are not happy with the name of Celeron, because they are trying to boost brand recognition with the Pentium.

    Nishioka said that the new name was necessary to prevent market confusion and to emphasize the difference between the processor for low-priced PCs and the current Pentium II.

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